Re-imagining Farmers as Knowledge Entrepreneurs

“Unsustainable agricultural practices and poor land management around the world are decreasing the nutritional content of crops and threatening our ability to produce food,” writes Kristie Wang. Given the current status quo, we need to use smarter agricultural practices that not only feed the growing population but can cycle nutrients back into soil. Naturally, we should to turn … Read more

The SunWater project: advanced solar technology for poor farmers


Guest post by Paul Polak, author, “Out of Poverty” and founder of International Development Enterprises In my last article you heard about SunWater, a project to build a radically affordable solar water pump for USD $2 a day. The project will transform small plot agriculture, create water markets where they don’t currently exist, and significantly … Read more

Mercy Corps’ Agri-Fin Mobile program goes live in Indonesia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe

Farmer Examining Grasses in Field


A unique “bundled” mobile service is changing the way smallholder farmers conduct business.

A new Mercy Corps program, dubbed “Agri-Fin Mobile” (“agriculture” plus “financial” services), is helping rural farmers in Indonesia, Uganda and Zimbabwe increase their crop yields, boost their food security, and enhance their economic prospects. Launched in July of 2012 with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Agri-Fin Mobile partners local mobile tech companies, financial institutions and research organizations to provide “bundled” support for smallholder farmers.

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Unleashing Ugandan farmers’ potential through mobile phones



Farmers will be able to build a credit history through data collected on their farming supply purchases and produce sales.

A powerful new mobile platform combining agriculture information and financial services specifically designed for smallholder farmers is going live in Uganda, helping farmers plow even more value from each acre.

Based on AgriLife, a cloud-based platform, the platform will be accessible via mobile phone and provide two key, interconnected services: data collection and analysis about farmers’ production capability and history, as well as provide an integration point for financial institutions, mobile network operators, produce buyers and their agents to more efficiently provide much-needed services to distant, rural farmers.

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Mercy Corps partnership ushers in the mobile age for rural Filipino farmers

Rice Fields


Filipino rice farmers will soon pad their mobile wallets with more than just mobile money: they’ll get on-demand farming advice, too.

Though rice is the archipelago’s staple food, most smallholder farmers produce less than they consume, and most don’t have access to formal financial services, like savings and loans.

Mercy Corps brought together a bank and an agricultural research center to address farmers’ needs for advice that will increase their crop yields and profits while also providing better banking options to manage their finances. The partnership offers a tailored suite of services available via mobile phone.

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