For the Love of Gaming


| How they  turned their passion for Gaming into a viable and profitable business

By Joseph Mathai

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I’ll tell a story, a story about a little boy. A little boy whose father brought home a computer and he spent hours on that computer playing one of the most fun games. As you may have guessed I was that little boy and in retrospect the “game” was Lotus 1-2-3. I have no idea why I found that particular program interesting enough to be a computer game.

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Gaming Scene in Africa | Maliyo Games Vs Ma3Racer

BY Sam Wakoba

Move over Rovio’s Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. Gaming startups in Africa are changing the game scene on the continent, slowly replacing internationally popular games.

Nigeria’s Maliyo Games is at the moment pushing for local content for the more than 160 million people online and the one billion mobile subscribers in Africa. According to Hugo Obi founder of Maliyo Games, the lack of African themed games both online on mobile phones left a gap which even popular Nollywood movies could not fill.  When they began, no one was developing games specifically for Africa.

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Incubating Programmers

Gadgets aren’t made hackable enough to encourage young people to become innovators in computing.

Eben Upton

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vivienne Flesher

Today’s kids are proficient computer users but usually know little about what’s happening under the hood. The Raspberry Pi, a $25 computer the size of a credit card, is my attempt to fix this problem—and to create a new generation of engineers.

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Pick up and play

WHETHER as cassette tapes, cartridges or discs, video games have for ever been accessed through tangible media. They may not be for much longer. Downloadable content, including entire games delivered direct to a console via the internet, has significantly changed the way gamers play video games. What’s more, the streaming of games to consoles is set to increase in the same way that streaming movies to computers has taken off (accessing any online streamed form of media avoids having to download it to a hard drive).

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Five Factors in Good Software Game Design for the Developing World

EVOKE trailer for the World Bank game teaching crash course in changing the world

I am “Haridas Maruthur Sreelakshmi and I am studying the considerable interest and debate over the past decade on the role of games in education and on using educational games to complement and sometimes even substitute classroom learning. Some of these percepts have found their way into development, giving rise to a new ‘Games for Development’ (G4D) subset, for want of a better name.

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