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Shaping Global Partnerships for a Post-2015 World


By Sonja Patscheke, Angela Barmettler, Laura Herman, Scott Overdyke & Marc Pfitzer “What if fishermen, governments, industry, philanthropy, private investors, and conservation and development organizations worked together to apply the best strategies for restoring fisheries—and the communities that depend on them? What if these strategies addressed all the key elements of a fishery… so that […]

A Growing Network of Global Health Innovators

p5rn7vb We are excited to announce the Center for Health Market Innovations‘ expanded network of regional partners. These organizations are working to catalyze the scale-up, replication, and improvement of innovative health care delivery programs in their regions. CHMI will be working with organizations in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Kenya, and other countries in East and […]

Shifts in global water systems — markers of a new geological epoch: The Anthropocene


Experts in Bonn to detail how science can help people mitigate or adapt to major global human-induced water system changes A suite of disquieting global phenomena have given rise to the “Anthropocene,” a term coined for a new geologic epoch characterized by humanity’s growing dominance of the Earth’s environment and a planetary transformation as profound […]

SA needs to produce more PhDs to boost knowledge economy

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South Africa is not spending enough on research to be truly competitive in the global economy. “We are working in a knowledge economy, globally,” highlighted National Research Foundation (NRF) Executive Director: Applied Research, Innovation and Collaboration Dr Rocky Skeef recently. “We are competing globally. There is a correlation between citation [of scientific articles produced in […]

Quotable: Microinsurance penetration set to double by 2020

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  Big changes are on the horizon for the global microinsurance sector. “Microinsurance, which currently provides coverage for 500 million people, could pass the 1 billion mark by the end of the decade,” says Craig Churchill, Chair of the Microinsurance Network and Head of the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility. This boom in coverage means that […]