Harnessing Innovative entrepreneurship for growth

How are emerging market entrepreneurs leveraging technology and changing development paradigms?  Why are the rewards of funding innovative new ventures in emerging economies worth the risks, and what makes these investments succeed?  How can investors, policy makers, and the private sector in general help find and groom transformative high-growth enterprises? Go to Source Tags: Entrepreneurship, … Read more

‘Growth Through Innovation’: Toward a Competitiveness Consensus

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In geometry, three points define a plane. In journalism, three events establish a trend. In public policy, three strategy forums might not conclusively confirm a consensus – but a recent think-tank trifecta suggests that a dramatic change is taking shape in the policy community’s thinking about economic competitiveness.

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How to build a sustainable competitiveness platform?

In the wake of the first global recession since World War II, governments around the world are looking for ways to boost growth and competitiveness. Given the fragility of the business and economic climate—and strained public coffers—the responsibility to get policy right is acute. But can public policy makers improve on their hit and miss record of interventioCredit: jon smith, Flickr Creative Commonsn in the past? I would pick out three useful lessons that we have learned, often the hard way:

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For Jobs and Growth, a Focus on Competitiveness

How can we spur competitive industries? Tune in Saturday, October 13 at 10:30 JST to hear from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala , Minister of Finance, Nigeria; Hideto Nakahara, Senior Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Corp.; Byron Auguste, Social Sector Practice Global Leader, McKinsey & Co. and others. With the global economy struggling to rebound from the prolonged financial crisis, … Read more