7 Ways We Can Scale ICT4D Pilotitis

One overarching theme from the recent Mobiles! Conference was the need to get past pilotitis – the too many small projects that never scale, dying the day the original funding dries up. Now how we can do that is a matter of some debate, and there are even folks who say we need more pilots. … Read more

ID Hack for International Development… Would you?


Technology is powerful. Powerful enough to make a tremendous impact on international development. The rapid proliferation of mobile phones across the world has enabled mobile health technology to improve health care for people living in rural areas of developing countries. Crowd-sourcing data has forever changed the impact and organization of disaster relief. People with computer science skills have an incredibly powerful toolset for making a difference in the world. Developers for Development (D4D), a student group at Harvard University, aims to inspire students in computer science to work on projects with a social impact. This upcoming weekend, D4D has teamed up with MIT’s Global Poverty Initiative (GPI) to hold ID Hack, the first hackathon in the Boston area focused around international development.

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