Harnessing Innovative entrepreneurship for growth

How are emerging market entrepreneurs leveraging technology and changing development paradigms?  Why are the rewards of funding innovative new ventures in emerging economies worth the risks, and what makes these investments succeed?  How can investors, policy makers, and the private sector in general help find and groom transformative high-growth enterprises? Go to Source Tags: growth, … Read more

A.T. Kearney Study Identifies Best Practices in IT Innovation Based on Methods of High-Growth Companies

A.T. Kearney  released findings from its 2012 IT Innovation study titled: IT Innovation Spurs Renewed Growth. With more than a decade of experience tracking what companies are doing to create game-changing products, services, and value-chain solutions, A.T. Kearney reveals a constellation of practices that correlate with IT innovation, all of which occur with greater frequency in high-growth, as … Read more