If You’re Serious About Ideas, Get Serious About Blogging


These days, Pinterest and Instagram get all the headlines as companies desperately racing to establish a beachhead on what could be the next mega-platform. But that doesn’t mean they’re the most useful social media tools for all companies. Sure, some businesses excel on those photo-based networks (Benjamin Moore’s Director of Digital Marketing told me Pinterest worked so well for them, “it’s almost like it was made for Benjamin Moore.”) But for organizations and individuals that want to be known for their ideas, the clearest — yet most underrated — path is through blogging. It hasn’t been buzzed about in years, but it’s more essential than ever, as organizations like the World Bank (which recently invited me to speak to their global staff about blogging) recognize.

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Does Encouraging Creativity in the Workplace Improve Innovation?

Let’s start by defining creativity as thinking of new ideas and innovation as implementing new ideas. The assumption has always been that if we want to deliver innovation in terms of new products, services, processes, etc. then we need lots of creativity in order to generate ideas. Creativity is the ‘front end of innovation’. It … Read more