Open Data in Developing Countries -Monitoring and Evaluation study on Kenyan OD technologies

By Elly Okutoyi iHub Research   For the past six weeks, iHub Research has been conducting an ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation study on the impact of open data applications and technologies in promoting access to information . The focus for this study include technologies born out of the Code4Kenya ( pre-incubator initiative as well as those […] … Read more

iHub Research | Supporting Startups


By Gladys Kitony

You may have a brilliant idea for your startup, but the end product fails to live up to its brilliance in the market. Understanding the market ensures that actual needs are captured versus the needs perceived by the entrepreneur. Market research helps to build the customer base by clearly defining the target client and it attracts larger investment as the investors are able to see the startup has conducted the necessary groundwork that will safeguard its growth. Therefore, if a startup is to be truly successful, it must keep pace with the ever changing environment by continuously conducting market researches.

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iHub Research in 2013

Student Reading a Textbook

iHub Research engages in community-oriented research and is therefore keen to ensure community collaboration at different levels. It is for this reason that we have recently initiated an Outreach Program to the community that will use various ways to raise awareness of our activities and foster collaborations with the iHub community, academia, research organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders with interests in research.

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