Innovate or perish. It’s the new business reality. Is your company ready?

Innovation isn’t a natural mindset for most leaders—or for the companies they work for—but the good news is that innovation can be learned. Innovator’s Accelerator is a new online learning program created by the world’s leading innovation experts—Clayton Christensen, Jeff Dyer, and Hal Gregersen—that gives emerging leaders the tools and techniques they need to become … Read more

Unleashing Breakthrough Innovation in Government

By Nikhil R. Sahni, Maxwell Wessel, & Clayton M. Christensen

The innovators who shake up industries the most do so by reimagining how things should look from the ground up. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs imagined a world where everyone owned a computer, not just the corporations that could afford an IBM mainframe. Twitter cofounder Evan Williams imagined a world where everyone could publish content on the Internet, not just the media companies who could afford expensive Web publishing programs.

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