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How Innovation Ecosystems Turn Outsiders into Collaborators

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Running a truly innovative company means constantly improving your innovation culture and process. Running a successful innovation ecosystem, however, demands more. Successful innovation ecosystems make people outside the company measurably smarter, richer, and more innovative. Biologically speaking, innovation ecosystems invest in symbiosis, not parasitism. Growth isn’t zero-sum. Jeff Bezos knows. So do Larry Page and new Microsoft […]

New Readiness Assessment Tool from EY to Improve Innovation Capabilities

How does the new Readiness Assessment Tool help to generate more and better innovation, as well as faster and cheaper innovations that bring revenues? Apply the assessment tool to your own company to create a common understanding of what holistic innovation management means, to structure, analyze, and measure the innovation potential of your firm, identify […]

Social innovation in dynamic environments: organising technology for temporary advantage

Social innovation in dynamic environments: organising technology for temporary advantage Sandro Battisti International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vol. 2, No. 6 (2013) pp. 504 – 524 A new challenge for public-private partnerships lies in gaining temporary advantage through social innovation, in order to operate within dynamic environments. This research explores social innovation enabled […]

Trending: Online Learning Programs to Become More Innovative

Today innovation is no longer “nice to have.” If your organization is going to stay ahead of increasing competition, it’s a “must have.” This is something every CEO will agree with. But how does one increase their innovation capabilities? The good news is that innovation skills can be learned, just like any other discipline. Help […]

Lessons from Ideation: Where Does User Involvement Lead Us?

Firms are increasingly involving users in new product development (NPD). Their product users frequently provide solution information, such as new product ideas. However, these users are often considered a homogeneous group of ordinary users; their individual abilities and the specific input they provide for NPD are not yet well understood. The goal of this paper […]

Pushing the boundaries – part 1: Understanding the different “faces” of open innovation

The MOOI-forum is in its 4th month now, focusing on Human Resources Management and Open Innovation as monthly theme. Every month, great discussions emerge on the forum. One topic that came back each month but remained somewhat in the background is what we could label “the different faces of open innovation”. Go to Source Tags: […]

Open Innovation Key for Modern Local Authorities

The LocalGov website notes that open innovation has never been more apt than in the public sector right now, with the on-going pressure to improve efficiencies and services with ever-decreasing resources. The public sector must therefore be as open as possible when it comes to sourcing and capturing innovative ideas that can help address issues […]