Innovation Enablers

They say variety is “the spice of life” – but in our working lives, it’s the spice, ingredients and a good portion of the kitchen equipment too. In striving to build comprehensive and sustainable enterprise innovation programs however, too often I see companies then ignoring the need for diversity – both in the reach and … Read more

The impact of R&D teams’ gender diversity on innovation outputs

The impact of R&D teams’ gender diversity on innovation outputs Juan Fernández Sastre International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 24, No. 1 (2015) pp. 142 – 162 Drawing from a sample of Spanish manufacturing firms, this paper examines the effect of R&D teams’ gender diversity on different innovation outputs: products, services, process and … Read more

Innovation and Production in Manufacturing Industry: a Comparative Study about Global Chains

A new logic in the capitalist accumulation process has emerged in the last four decades. The hypothesis of the article is that this new logic expresses itself in the manufacturing industry through the increasing segmentation of product innovation and product manufacturing activities, and the integration of two alternative types of innovation activities: informational and aesthetic-expressive. … Read more

Categorizing the collaboration and community promotion spaces that make urban innovation ecosystems tick

A variety of collaboration spaces are spreading across urban innovation ecosystems. This makes sense intuitively, because collaboration spaces create and — in some cases — manage and sustain the communities that make the ecosystem exist and grow. Collaboration space in Barcelona, Spain. ​Photo: Victor Mulas I believe that collaboration spaces are, in fact, one of the key … Read more

Elements of a Successful Innovation Roadmap

Countless articles argue: To remain competitive, companies need to consistently build their innovation portfolio. Value-oriented improvement and new developments must permeate the business. This article discusses a structured approach, known as a Rapid Innovation Cycle, which brings a repeatable process to innovation, empowering individuals to contribute more and organizations to look beyond themselves—all leading to … Read more

6 peculiar industries to steal business ideas from

Pulling big corporations out of their comfort zone is a terrific way to make them innovate like startups. Confronting corporates with unconventional markets is one of the most effective tools to do this. This collection offers 30 controversial innovation tricks from 6 peculiar industries that we use in our intrapreneurial bootcamp sessions. Go ahead and … Read more

Fun and Games – Changing the World of Innovation Assessments

Innovation Assessment is one of the pillars of an innovation program. Evaluation should be done as an on-going activity and revised with the most valuable feedback gathered along the entire innovation journey. In the third of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, we are going to propose a different approach for Innovation Assessment … Read more