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Who Can Answer the Ghanaian Schoolboy’s Question?

“Why is America so rich and we are so poor?” The question came from a schoolboy in Ghana. It caught me by surprise. I hesitated before answering. I didn’t have the knowledge to give him a solid answer. I was not an economist. I knew nothing about Ghana’s business enabling environment or its financial markets system. […]

8 Steps to Publish Open Data and Prepare for IATI

Siobhan Green, the founder of Sonjara attended the Technology Salon exploring How Can USAID Development Partners Implement IATI? and was inspired to define 8 steps to publish Open Data to prepare for the day when we all will need to be compliant with the International Aid Transparency Initiative standards. Here is her list: 1. Stop […]

Innovation for Sustainable Intensification in Africa

The Montpellier Panel is a panel of international experts from the fields of agriculture, sustainable development, trade, policy, and global development chaired by Sir Gordon Conway of Imperial College London. The Panel is working together to make recommendations to enable better European government support of national and regional agricultural development and food security priorities in […]

How to make markets work for the poor–and measure the results″>said

Despite local demand for hay, Kenyan dairy farmers face milk shortages due to lack of quality supply. But instead of handing over the hay, why not bring the hay market to the farmers? There is little hope of escaping poverty if markets don’t provide the poor with opportunities to increase their income through access to […]

A Computer Can Do Your International Development Job Thanks to Open Data

Mainframe Computer Room

At a recent Technology Salon on “How Can We Make Data Useful for Development,” one of the participants put forth an interesting question to the group: Could computers make better international development decisions than humans? Now at first, those present laughed off this question. It borders on fantasy to think a computer could take in […]

ID Hack for International Development… Would you?


Technology is powerful. Powerful enough to make a tremendous impact on international development. The rapid proliferation of mobile phones across the world has enabled mobile health technology to improve health care for people living in rural areas of developing countries. Crowd-sourcing data has forever changed the impact and organization of disaster relief. People with computer […]