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How to increase investment in the Middle East and North Africa

Carlos Griffin In light of recent political and social unrest in the region, foreign investors are taking a “wait-and-see” attitude to projects in the Middle East and North Africa. For the region’s investment promoters, this demands better, more proactive performance than in the past. Fortunately, although much remains to be done, the investment agencies of […]

Why Successful Crowdfunding Requires a Social-Media Mind-Set

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p5rn7vb If you tell experienced investors you’re planning to crowd-fund your business idea, you’re likely to hear that you’re walking into a minefield: You’ll be relying on naïve individuals who expect to make a killing and are crushed every time they lose a dollar. Tags: investor, social-media mind-set, crowd-fund, CrowdCube

The world of crowdfunding

THE idea of harnessing many minds to write software, with open-source code, is well established. A similar process is happening for non-commercial projects and micro-finance loans, notably by Kickstarter and Kiva respectively. And the idea behind ProFounder is to apply crowdfunding to companies, explained Jessica Jackley, the firm’s founder and chief executive, during an interview with Tom Standage, digital editor […]

Want to sell your country to investors? Answer the phone!

When investors think about entering new locations their biggest need—and biggest challenge—is often how to access the information they need to help them make decisions. Reliable information—especially in emerging markets—helps to reduce investor perceptions of risk in an unknown location and reduces the transaction costs of establishing in a new market.  Tags: investor

How to nurture entrepreneurs and stimulate innovation


From SciDev Linda Kamau Open innovation is key to the success of iHub and can change the working culture of any community of innovators, says Linda Kamau. iHub is a network and meeting place that enables Kenya’s innovators to bring their ideas to fruition. Through iHub, the technology community, industry, academia, investors and venture capitalists can […]

A New Direction in South-South Collaboration at the 6th Annual New Ventures India Investor Forum

Authored by: Logan Yonavjak Sinen En-tech, a Beijing-based company that produces waste treatment technologies for industrial boiler system steam, has enjoyed great success in its home market of China. A long-standing New Ventures portfolio company, Sinen has an impressive growth history and plans to launch an IPO in the next three to five years. Tags: […]