Intellectual Property In Technological Innovations : Perceptions From Tech Startups In Kenyan ICT Hubs


Hilda Moraa, iHub Research (

Kelvin Murage, iHub Research (

Rhoda Omenya, iHub Research (


ICT Hubs act as a meeting place for technology entrepreneurs where new ideas are discussed and inventions built. In such dynamic spaces, Intellectual Property (IP) could either protect young, nascent ideas or stifle innovation and collaboration. In order to better understand how tech startups working out of ICT Hubs view IP in their technological innovations; iHub Research conducted an exploratory research with 15 tech startups.

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Profiting from Innovation by Aligning Product Architecture with IP

The Harvard Business School  Working Knowledge website posted a paper which points out that firms increasingly practice open innovation, license technology out and in, outsource development and production, and enable users and downstream firms to innovate on their products. However, while such distributed value creation can boost the overall value created, it may create serious … Read more

A balancing act: IPRs and public agriculture research

A balancing act: IPRs and public agriculture research
Lois Muraguri
International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, Vol. 11, No. 1/2 (2012) pp. 88 – 109
International Agriculture Research Centres (IARCs) and other public research organisations increasingly find themselves exposed to intellectual property rights due to inter alia the advent of the intellectual property system, privatisation of research and increased collaboration with the private sector.

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Intellectual property (IP) governance in ICT firms: strategic value seeking through proprietary and non-proprietary IP transactions

This article investigates how firms exploit various forms of intellectual property (IP), often at the same time, in order to organise their strategic value seeking. The analysis is based upon confidential micro-data involving a survey of a set of 38 firms in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in the UK.

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