7 Considerations for Mobile Money Cash Grants to Change Development

Let us start with the classic (borderline cliché) development proverb: if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if he is taught how to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. It was this analogy that got conversation started at the latest Technology Salon, “Are Mobile Money Cash Transfers the … Read more

Seeking Effective Policies to Promote Financial Inclusion

The 2014 Global Financial Development Report, released today by the World Bank Group, presents the most comprehensive review to date of research findings on an increasingly prominent issue in international economic policy: financial inclusion. It also highlights several key topics that are linked to the growing interest in this topic – advances in technology, product … Read more

Short film: Uganda’s love of mobile money


In just over four years, 9 million Ugandans have jumped aboard the mobile money bandwagon– buying, selling and saving with their mobile devices. With the World Bank targeting universal financial access by 2020, the rapid embrace of mobile banking in places like Uganda provides a promising outlook for reaching the 2 billion people around the … Read more

Microfinance in Africa

‘Microfinance’ today is a broad-reaching concept that has grown and matured in a multitude of ways since being first pioneered. MicroLoan Foundation fits very much at the social end of the microfinance spectrum; while we aim to deliver our services in an efficient, professional manner, our mission is ultimately the reduction of poverty in disadvantaged communities and … Read more

Econ 101: Three different ways to lift girls out of poverty

New projects that teach young women how to start a business, hold a bank account, and apply for financial aid can help to give them better futures and avoid the hallmarks of poverty — poor health care, forced marriage, and early childbirth. And Kathy Calvin, CEO of the United Nations Foundation, says that helping girls … Read more