Is Facebook Zero the Future of Public Internet Access?

Access to information is both empowerment and development. When two thirds of the world’s poor still lack access to the Internet, but three fourths have a mobile phone, it makes sense to try to capitalize on mobile technology in order to increase access and connectivity. Enter Facebook Zero The advantage of Facebook Zero is in … Read more

5 Reasons Why Public Access Matters in the Age of Private Mobile Devices

The mobile Internet is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is expected to be a matter of time before mobile Internet use eclipses desktop use. What does this trend mean for operators of public access Internet venues, such as libraries, telecenters, and cybercafés? Do people who have mobile access use public access venues? Are public … Read more

The Technology of Nonviolence: How cellphones and crowdsourcing are saving lives and livelihoods

Livestock herders in Ethiopia are using text messages to warn fellow herders about places to avoid when armed rebels are in the area stealing cattle. That’s one example of simple technology quelling violent conflict in poor countries, and helping people protect property and make money as a result, according to violence prevention expert Joe Bock. … Read more

Free Wikipedia-via-SMS is coming to a mobile phone near you

Ever wished Wikipedia was searchable on that basic phone or in areas with constrained or no connectivity? Perhaps, even available in many languages including majority of your local languages. Well, you may be glad that Wikimedia Foundation in partnership with Airtel  is bringing free access to 24 million articles on Wikipedia via Wikipedia Zero to … Read more

Agricultural Mobile Finance

By Lee Babcock Photo credit: Jan-Pieter Nap Mobile phone subscriptions will outnumber the global population this year—that’s more than 7 billion subscriptions. The rapid reach of mobiles presents potential for disruptive business model innovations in many sectors at the base of the pyramid – and finance is no exception. One such innovation is agricultural mobile … Read more