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Agricultural Mobile Finance

By Lee Babcock Photo credit: Jan-Pieter Nap Mobile phone subscriptions will outnumber the global population this year—that’s more than 7 billion subscriptions. The rapid reach of mobiles presents potential for disruptive business model innovations in many sectors at the base of the pyramid – and finance is no exception. One such innovation is agricultural mobile […]

Mobile Statistics in East Africa

The mobile industry in East Africa shows no signs of slowing down with countries like Kenya recording growth rates in subscriptions of 9% over the past year, and a similar percentage point increase in mobile money users each quarter. Many more businesses have adopted mobile tools to enhance their functions to capitalise on this growing mobile subscription […]

Will the Ubuntu Phone Rock the African Software Development Market?


You’re undoubtedly familiar with Ubuntu. An open source OS powerhouse, some argue that Ubuntu has the potential to take a sizable bite out of the cost of deploying tech that would otherwise require license fees. Others see a fledgling product not yet ready for prime time. But with Ubuntu’s new open source phone-that’s-also-a-computer, we may […]