Using Open Innovation to combat Ebola

KAMPALA, UGANDA – In light of the persistence of the Ebola outbreak and the demands it has placed on global infection containment resources and processes, the United States government disaster response community recognised an opportunity to use open innovation to make significant strides in advancing the ability to combat Ebola. The results include a local … Read more

Open Innovation in Sports

The Innovation Excellence website reported that he sports industry is looking outside itself for innovations that provide a competitive advantage. Medicine, information technologies and lightweight materials from the space and aviation fields– all are making their contribution to the sporting industry, often through the process of Open Innovation. For example, John Parsons, Director of Sports … Read more

The Value of Open Innovation for B2B Companies

The Innovation Excellence website noted that we hear a lot these days about applying open innovation concepts to improving innovation concepts and product development processes. Companies that sell directly to end consumers–business to consumer (B2C)–see clear uses examples and value for open innovation. But the challenges and circumstances of companies that sell primarily sell to other companies–also known as business to business (B2B)–are different, and these open innovation concepts are not so easily applied. Despite the challenges, the open innovation payoff for B2B companies is significant, especially in today’s resource-constrained R&D environments.

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How Thomson Reuters Is Creating a Culture of Innovation

It’s not easy for big companies to innovate. As Steve Blank, Clay Christensen, and many others have pointed out, once firms reach a certain size, most of their resources (and investment dollars) are rightly devoted to executing and defending their existing business model. Moreover, the skills that are cherished and rewarded for achieving current results … Read more

Open Innovation Key for Modern Local Authorities

The LocalGov website notes that open innovation has never been more apt than in the public sector right now, with the on-going pressure to improve efficiencies and services with ever-decreasing resources. The public sector must therefore be as open as possible when it comes to sourcing and capturing innovative ideas that can help address issues … Read more

Open Innovation: Getting Started

An article by Nicholas Bry on the Innovation Excellence website outlined and described a number of different open innovation processes: acceleration programs and innovation hubs; crowdsourcing and ideas contests; co-creation platforms; and codevelopments and hackathons. The article then went on to discuss a number of ideas to make open innovation successful including the role of … Read more