Conscious Capitalism; Is Not an Oxymoron

There is a growing network of people — including the leaders of companies such as the Container Store, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Patagonia and Whole Foods Market (of which one of us is the co-CEO) — building their companies based on the idea that business is about more than making a profit. It’s about higher purpose. We are a part of this group, and host a set of conferences each year to share the guiding principles and best business practices that we have come to call “conscious capitalism.” Every year, we come in contact with more leaders — perhaps like you — who share these beliefs. Read more

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To Increase Innovation, Take the Sting Out of Failure

“We need more innovation around here. We need people to think more creatively and be more entrepreneurial. I’ve been saying this for the last couple years, and yet very little seems to be changing. It’s very frustrating.”

This was a recent lament from a client, a senior leader at a medium-sized professional services firm. He was frustrated that even though his organization was encouraging people at every turn to take chances on new ideas, too few were actually stepping up to do it. Read more

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Life’s Work 2012: HBR Interviews 10 Intriguing People

The last page of every issue of Harvard Business Review is an interview with one incredibly successful person: an athlete, an astronaut, an admiral. But, after three years of doing these, we’ve started to discover that even the most successful careers are still careers in transition: the athlete is becoming an author; the astronaut, an activist; the admiral, a diplomat. Read more

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Ascend Your Innovation Plateau: Think Leadership


Practice makes perfect. People master collaborative innovation as they convene people on the critical conversations and as they navigate the day in a life of innovation challenges. What’s next? What possibilities do we see for further progress? What possibilities do we see for leadership? In this article, innovation architect Doug Collins shares insights for the advanced practitioner: people who have become familiar with the blueprint for collaborative innovation and seek to hone their craft further.
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9 Tips For Your (Open) Innovation Project

Everyone is speaking about innovation! A lot of innovation projects fail though. Based on our own experience in running innovation projects at Board of Innovation and inputs from several LinkedIn group discussions, we’ve gathered a list of 9 tips for your innovation project. My personal favorite: If you don’t annoy people, you’re not innovating. Simple.

What’s your favorite? Do you have more tips from your own experience?

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Morning Advantage: How Great Companies Manage Their People

“High-performing companies recognize that leadership is about more than just steering the business. It’s about nurturing, energizing, and challenging the people who help make it run — and who keep it competitive,” write Rainer Strack and four co-authors of the exhaustive Boston Consulting Group study, Realizing the Value of People Management. Read more
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