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Rural Women’s Survivalist Livelihoods and State Interventions in Ga-Ramogale Village, Limpopo Province

Abstract :  Women constitute the majority of rural dwellers experiencing the worst effects of poverty while carrying the responsibility of securing a living for their households. Historically, rural women have practised a multiplicity of livelihoods that have always remained survivalist and less effective in generating cash income.

Implicit Evaluations of Intellectual Capital in Practical Decision Making

A lot of the confusion about the measurability of intellectual capital can be explained by a neglect of the difference between an object, the capital it provides, and the profit from the application of this capital. An analysis of this difference leads to the distinction between the potential of intellectual capital for economic process and its actual realization.

Developing organisational decision-making capability: a knowledge manager’s guide

Abstract Purpose – Decisions are integral to daily business practice. Sound and agile decision making is argued to be a core strategic capability. Knowledge helps avoid the consequences of ill-informed decisions. Facts and expertise provide content; know-how about the pitfalls and requirements of thinking through problems in different contexts contributes to sound process. This paper […]