How Intuit Innovates by Challenging Itself

We know that questioning can trigger innovative thinking. But the key—and challenge—to truly changing the status quo is identifying the right question. In a collaboration to determine just how disruptive leaders find these compelling questions, Professor Clayton Christensen and I conducted nearly 40 interviews with renowned global leaders. Among these interviews was Brad Smith, president … Read more

Transform 2013 by Turning Goals into Questions


Transitions are ideal times to create multi-faceted change in our lives. Moving across four different countries and three different continents during the past seven years has made that truth crystal clear for my family. The start of a new year can give equal cause for recalibrating a life. Many of us have set a few goals during the past couple of weeks, and a few of us have set many goals. But we all know that goals set are not necessarily goals met. At best 20 percent of us will succeed at achieving our objectives. To buck those odds, try this trick: Set a question goal instead of a statement goal.

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