Effective Management over Government Led Research: A Study of Research Institutions in Gambia

Using primary data generated from samples of research units within the Gambia public research sector, this two-phased inquiry seeks to identify and explain factors in research governance that influence scientific knowledge production. In contributing to empirical discussions on the impact levels of different governance models and structures to scientific output, which appear limited and mixed in literature, this study suggests, first, that scientific committee structures with significant research steering autonomy could not only directly contribute to scientific output, but also indirectly through moderating effects on research practices.

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Preparing for distant collaboration: Antecedents to potential absorptive capacity in cross-industry innovation


Publication date: April 2014Source:Technovation, Volume 34, Issue 4 Author(s): Ellen Enkel , Sebastian Heil Cross-industry innovation entails distinctive innovation opportunities and challenges according to the knowledge heterogeneity between the collaborating firms. This heterogeneity yields increases in organizational-level cognitive distance. Whereas recent theory suggests cognitive distance is positively related to exploratory innovation, too much distance can … Read more

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