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Science and Technology Minister creates new Centres of Excellence

The Department of Science and Technology reported on Tuesday that Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom had authorised the creation of five new Centres of Excellence (CoEs). The purpose of CoEs is to drive joint interdisciplinary research between research institutions and to develop high level skills in “priority research areas”. “The new CoEs will contribute […]

Africa: Pros and Cons of High-Tech TB Testing

[IRIN]London -A new, sophisticated diagnostic test for tuberculosis now being rolled out promises to be faster and more accurate than the old methods and much easier to use. But the first trials of the GeneXpert MTB/RIF Assay test in real-life situations have proved that while all this is true, it did not make any significant […]

The Role of the Complementary Sector and its Relationship with Network Formation and Government Policies in Emerging Sectors: The Case of Solar Photovoltaics Between 2001 and 2009

Understanding the role of government policies in promoting the introduction of renewable technologies can help to catalyze the transition toward a more sustainable energy system. The literature on technological transitions using a multi-level perspective suggests that the co-evolution of the niche market (the new technology) and the complementary regime may have an important role to […]

The Best (and Worst) Countries to Be a Woman

The World Economic Forum has just come out with their latest data on global gender equality, and the short version could well be this old Beatles lyric: “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better. A little better, all the time. (It can’t get more worse.)” I talked with Saadia Zahidi, a Senior Director at the WEF […]

Strong university-industry links key to tapping knowledge-economy spin-offs

For South African companies to compete with international companies, it is imperative that they have access to new ideas and that the country institutionalises the generation of new ideas. Universities can function as research and innovation cores for networks of technology institutions, companies and new enterprises that will develop and commercialise inform-ation and technology, says […]

Ambitious Innovation

Learn new methods for creating big ideas and breakthrough new products! Are you lacking the big innovations and significant new products? Is your development department clogged by small projects and minor tasks? The number of small projects has increased significantly over the last 10 years at the expense of the real breakthrough and innovative new […]

New gender benchmarking study: Brazil succeeding in providing a positive STI environment for women


However overall numbers of women in engineering, physics and computer science are on the decline São Paolo, March 7, 2013 – In the first gender benchmarking study of its kind, researchers have found that numbers of women in the science, technology and innovation fields are alarmingly low in the world’s leading economies, and are actually […]