Let’s Be Realistic About Measuring Impact

“Measure impact” has become a mantra for creating social change. Claims about making a difference are no longer sufficient; evidence of how much difference you’re making is now required. We should applaud this trend, because results are sometimes ambiguous and claims often go unsubstantiated. But does it really make sense for all mission-driven organizations to measure their long-term impact on society? Read more

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The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship in B-Schools in Three Charts

Twenty years ago, on two different business school campuses a continent away, the seeds of social entrepreneurship were planted.

At INSEAD, two students Philippe Dongier and Katie (co-author of this post) sent a school-wide email asking if anyone was interested in cultivating coursework and careers related to nonprofits. Overnight, 126 students, staff, and faculty responded — a number equal to 50% of the newly arrived class. With a student-faculty steering committee and 50,000 Euros of seed funding from the school’s administration, they founded INDEVOR, INSEAD’s social enterprise club. Read more

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The Social Solution to Innovation Challenges

Many of the business innovations that flowed from the first generation of Internet adoption have had the perverse effect of slowing business down. Nowadays, accelerated communications have turned into the mental drain of 24/7 accessibility and accountability – a condition recognized by entities everywhere. The probable cure? Social media.
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Social media haters shouldn’t hide behind anonymity

Some Internet users have been using social media platforms to express hate speech and messages certain that the distance and anonymity provides absolute cover. Sunny Bindra, a social media expert in Kenya, however says this will not work.

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