The Next Big Opportunity for Startups

When I made the transition two years ago from working with a 100 year-old organization — one I had called home for almost eight years — to working with companies sometimes less than 100 hours old, I assumed I would see tremendous differences.

In my early career, I had experienced the textbook definition of outdated management thinking that centered on hierarchy and lack of trust.

Our physical presence at the office during the workweek was considered proof that we were doing our jobs. Someone was often assigned to stand at the door to make note of the people who were more than a few minutes late. Despite the fact that almost every employee was a working parent, if you wanted to see your child in a school play or take him or her to the doctor during work hours, you had to request a half-day off — time off was not allocated in hourly increments. There were also fairly rigid dress code requirements; for instance, if women wore skirts, we expected to wear pantyhose (and this was in 2003). Read more

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Working With Intellectual Property Rights In East Africa

One challenge that mobile startups have continued to face recently in East Africa lies in the question of whether to spend time, money and other resources in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection. Startups are often convinced that their ideas and innovations are unique and that they only should rightly pursue monetization for the ideas and innovations. Read more

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iHub Research | Supporting Startups


By Gladys Kitony

You may have a brilliant idea for your startup, but the end product fails to live up to its brilliance in the market. Understanding the market ensures that actual needs are captured versus the needs perceived by the entrepreneur. Market research helps to build the customer base by clearly defining the target client and it attracts larger investment as the investors are able to see the startup has conducted the necessary groundwork that will safeguard its growth. Therefore, if a startup is to be truly successful, it must keep pace with the ever changing environment by continuously conducting market researches. Read more

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In the spotlight: CTIC Dakar

Only two years after its inception in April 2011, CTIC Dakar has become a major player in the West African startup scene. With 11 companies in its incubation program and 10 startups in its accelerator program (BuntuTEKI), the CTIC team is helping make Senegal a rising African powerhouse and bolstering IT and mobile companies throughout West Africa.
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The industrial Internet from a startup perspective

I don’t remember when I first met Todd Huffman, but for the longest time I seemed to run into him in all kinds of odd places, but mostly in airport waiting areas as our nomadic paths intersected randomly and with surprising frequency. We don’t run into each other in airports anymore because Todd has settled in San Francisco to build 3Scan, his startup at the nexus of professional maker, science as a service, and the industrial Internet. My colleague Jon Bruner has been talking to airlines, automobile manufacturers, and railroads to get their industrial Internet stories. I recently caught up with Todd to see what the industrial Internet looks like from the perspective of an innovative startup. Read more

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Make your company think & act like a startup (+ slidedeck with tips)

The bigger & the older the company, the more effort it takes to innovate. While startups move fast and agile, big corporates tend to think and act more like slow dinosaurs. Smart corporates on the other hand do understand that their innovation team and management needs an entrepreneurial spirit to innovate. But where do you start? To help you out we’ve summarized several principles in a short slidedeck. We made some references to the Lean Startup, our new venture, and our hands-on Innovation Bootcamp program. I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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