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Micro-politics and strategy formation in SMEs

Micro-politics and strategy formation in SMEs Lawrence C. Bellamy; George Lodorfos; Léo-Paul Dana International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 20, No. 3 (2013) pp. 326 – 341 This paper aims to examine the strategy formation process in SMEs with reference to the impact of the micro-politics of ownership and control. Based on 34 […]

Closing the Chasm Between Strategy and Execution

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Setting strategy is elegant. It’s a clean and sophisticated process of collecting and analyzing data, generating insights, and identifying smart paths forward. Done at arm’s length in an academic fashion, tight logic is the only glue needed to hold ideas together. The output is a smooth narrative in a professional-looking document made up of Venn […]

Focus Your Strategy By Assessing Others’”>later

There’s a well-known anecdote about Gil Amelio, the CEO of Apple Computer just before Steve Jobs’ return in the late 1990s. In a conversation with a reporter, Amelio compared Apple to a ship loaded with treasure, but with a hole in the bottom, leaking water. “My job is to get everyone to row in the […]

‘Growth Through Innovation’: Toward a Competitiveness Consensus

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In geometry, three points define a plane. In journalism, three events establish a trend. In public policy, three strategy forums might not conclusively confirm a consensus – but a recent think-tank trifecta suggests that a dramatic change is taking shape in the policy community’s thinking about economic competitiveness. Tags: strategy, Competitiveness Consensus, policy, growth, Innovation

Implementation of product strategy with differentiated standards


This paper examines the relationships between mobile communication standards and product development strategy from a product architecture perspective. A product architecture model is useful in analysing research issues related to mobile phone product development. Samsung Electronics (SE)’s unique organisational capabilities are essential components of its product architecture strategy. Tags: strategy, product architecture, mobile, implementing, Standards