A paradigm shift for SMEs: Leveraging sustainability as a driver for innovation

SMEs have sustainability on their radar. Their main goal is economic sustainability. To achieve this goal, they can take ecological and social sustainability as an opportunity for innovation instead of just considering it as a mere cost driver. Thus innovation and sustainability become the two sides of the coin called profitable growth. Go to Source … Read more

Sustainable Business Initiatives Will Fail Unless Leaders Change Their Mindset

Ten years ago, sustainability issues were not considered business issues.  But today, most major corporations have a sustainability function.  Increasingly, companies are applying data-driven methodologies such as carbon footprinting, product indexing, lifecycle analysis, and ecosystem services valuation to support smarter decision-making and business innovation. Yet, if the ultimate goal is to bend the arc of … Read more

Analyzing the sustainability of a newly developed servi An activity theory perspective

Publication date: Available online 19 September 2013Source:Technovation Author(s): Fu-Ren Lin , Pei-Shan Hsieh New service development (NSD) is the process of creating new services to fulfill target customers’ needs. It is essential that an NSD project team cooperate across organizational boundaries and various disciplines to achieve the sustainability goal of an NSD project. This study … Read more

Economic Growth Sustaining Under Environmental Sustainability and Human Development. A Global Challenge


This paper treats the sustainable development concept, which aims to support economic growth in terms of environmental sustainability and human development.

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Applying the principles of sustainable development in the leather industry in Morocco: tannery case

Tanning is the intermediate stage in production of leather products and it is the most negative aspect in terms of industrial pollution in the leather sector in Morocco. At present, the main concern of tanning units is the consideration of sustainable development in the competitive modernisation of this sector whose added value is important for … Read more

Sustainable Supply Chains

Models, Methods, and Public Policy Implications series:International Series in Operations Research & Management Science A sustainable enterprise is one that contributes to sustainable development by simultaneously delivering economic, social and environmental benefits or what has been termed “the triple bottom line.” While pursuing profit, socially responsible companies should be sensitive to the environment and uphold the … Read more