How the Voice of the People Is Driving Corporate Social Responsibility

The business case for corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming easier and easier to make. You can argue that it boosts a company’s brand, manages risk, and just plain saves money. But perhaps most importantly the general public is clamoring for companies to enact good, fair business practices — and most of that public pressure … Read more

Setting the standard for sustainable bioenergy crops

URBANA – Bioenergy crops, such as Miscanthus and switchgrass, appear to be promising resources for renewable energy, but these new crops did not come with a manual on how to measure details on their sustainability impacts. Jody Endres, University of Illinois professor of energy and environmental law and chair of the Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP) says standards are needed so farmers, ethanol producers, and others in the biofuels industry will all be on the same page here in the United States as well as in Europe and Brazil.

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Fatigue Is Your Enemy

Two years ago, I began hearing the phrase “It isn’t sustainable” over and over from senior executives. They were talking about the everyday demands at work.

The day of reckoning seems to have arrived. During the past month alone, no less than a half dozen senior executives have told me that fatigue, exhaustion and even burnout are the biggest issues they’re facing both for themselves and among their troops.

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Sustainability requires science, tech … and art

Are advances in science and technology the cure to the world’s many unsustainable habits? Some people are coming to the conclusion that the answer is no: know-how and hard facts aren’t enough to solve our problems.

“Narratives, stories, music and images served to warn our early ancestors against predators and natural disasters,” says Paul Shrivastava, director of the David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business (JMSB). “Art helped them develop defense mechanisms. My colleagues and I believe that art should be used to deal with modern survival threats such as climate change and environmental crises.”

Shrivastava and colleagues from the University of Lorraine and the ICN Business School in Nancy, France, have co-authored an article for the International Journal of Technology Management that argues a focus on the arts is needed — in addition to science and technology — to instill the passion that’s needed to become more sustainable.

“No significant human endeavour has ever been accomplished without passion,” Shrivastava says. “Science and technology by themselves aren’t enough. We need to turn to the arts in order to infuse passion into the pursuit of sustainability and get real results that will heal the planet.”

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Ethiopia Climate Innovation Center hits first milestone

In its continuing bid to channel global climate change innovation into sustainable, green growth opportunities for developing countries, infoDev’s Climate Technology Program has launched the first phase of its Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Ethiopia. The request for expressions of interest for firms that want to be involved in launching and managing the CIC in … Read more

Decision support framework for risk assessment of sustainable supply chain


Decision support systems can play a role in improving the ability of decision-makers to assess and decide as good as. We introduced new paradigm in sustainable assessment in supply chain operations. Conceptual thinking is conducted by analysing two types of thinking namely general framework of supply chain risk management and assessment of sustainable supply chain.

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Breeding better grasses for food and fuel

Researchers from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (BSBEC) have discovered a family of genes that could help us breed grasses with improved properties for diet and bioenergy. Go to Source Tags: researcher, biological science, Gene, biotechnology, research council