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How to find the sweet spot for your innovation project? #innovationVirgins

Tips for first-time corporate innovators In this series of posts we help corporates that soon will make the big jump to start their first big innovation project. You might feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry… we’re here to help. Business innovation projects need a different mindset You want to generate extra revenue for your business, right? But […]

The One Thing Your Team Wants You to Stop Doing


The other day, on the sidelines of a conference, a bright young manager sought my advice. “I’ve tried using different leadership styles, but I can’t seem to dispel my team’s sense of disengagement,” he confessed. “I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.” “Why don’t you ask your team?” I asked him. Tags: boss, team, leader, […]

How to Manage Conflict in Virtual Teams

Employee conflicts can be poisonous. We have all experienced the damage to productivity, crushed creativity, and squashed morale. As Kevin M. Campbell, Accenture’s Group Chief Executive, Technology, notes, “All too often, I’ve seen that personal conflicts derail costly projects and important initiatives.” Unresolved employee conflicts are bad enough in a traditional, physical workplace. They are […]

Managing Stakeholders in Team-Based Innovation: The Dynamics of Knowledge and Trust Networks


Abstract Purpose – Team-based innovation requires a balance of creative and pragmatic processes both within teams and between teams and their organizational stakeholders. However, prior research has focused primarily on the internal team dynamics that facilitate innovation, paying comparatively little attention to team-stakeholder dynamics. This study addresses this limitation by studying the impact of team-stakeholder […]

Group Intelligence Correlates With Social Aptitude, Not IQ

Considering the complexity and global nature of business today, work is nearly always a team activity, and often those teams are embedded in ever-shifting networks. A new field of study, collective intelligence, is measuring the ability of teams to solve problems. This research is yielding powerful insights into improving the performance of networks, teams, and […]