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What are the emerging markets for mobile payments in EA

Emerging markets, those nations who have a physical financial infrastructure including banks, a stock exchange and a unified currency and whose economy is progressing, offer lucrative opportunities for mobile payments. Especially in East Africa, where mobile payments have gained unparalleled traction for businesses that offer travel bookings, online purchasing, loan payments, or even for consumers who […]

An African LTE Mobile Network Future

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This entry is part 4 of 6 in my series Africa and Spectrum 2.0 If you follow communication infrastructure in Africa, you would be forgiven if you have begun to think of LTE as the promised land. There is no doubt that nobile networks have transformed access on the continent. Now, we are apparently just […]

How to Ensure Long-Term Sustainability for a Computer Lab

Instructor with Students in Computer Lab

Thanks to funding from the Internet Society Community Grant Program as well as from the Information Society Innovation Fund ( a computer learning lab has been established at the Chuuk Women’s Council! Our goal in establishing a computer lab in the Chuuk Women’s Council (CWC) is with the aim of empowering and connecting, with ICT, the women of Chuuk State, […]

Technology that gets under your skin

Editor’s note: we’re running a series of five excerpts from our forthcoming book Designing for Emerging Technologies, a compilation of works by industry experts in areas of user experience design related to genomics, robotics, the Internet of Things, and the Industrial Internet of Things. In this excerpt, author Andy Goodman, group director at Fjord Madrid, […]

Open Innovation Key for Modern Local Authorities

The LocalGov website notes that open innovation has never been more apt than in the public sector right now, with the on-going pressure to improve efficiencies and services with ever-decreasing resources. The public sector must therefore be as open as possible when it comes to sourcing and capturing innovative ideas that can help address issues […]

The Future of Prototyping Is Now Live

p5rn7vb Those tasked with developing new products and experiences have long valued prototyping as a way to fuel creativity, explore options, and test assumptions. By making concepts real, we can more intimately understand the underlying mechanics and make informed judgments. There are two main ways that organizations prototype new products and services: rapid prototyping and […]

Africa: View On Private Sector – Uncounted Innovation

[SciDev.Net]Innovation in developing country firms is thriving, but this is being overlooked because the methods used to study private sector ingenuity are inappropriate, SciDev.Net reported last month. The story was based on a pilot study carried out in Ghana by Xiaolan Fu of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Go to Source Tags: Xiaolan, Innovation, […]