World Record: Wireless Data Transmission at 100 Gbit/s

Extension of cable-based telecommunication networks requires high investments in both conurbations and rural areas. Broadband data transmission via radio relay links might help to cross rivers, motorways or nature protection areas at strategic node points, and to make network extension economically feasible. In the current issue of the nature photonics magazine, researchers present a method … Read more

The adoption of open innovation within the telecommunication industry


Purpose – The paper, covering the actual argument of open innovation, aims to answer two main research questions, namely: “Which open innovation approach is adopted by the companies belonging to the ICTs industry?” and “Which types of collaborations are carried out by the companies and which are the dynamics that characterize it?”.

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Telecom Policy Innovation: the Role of Free Spectrum and Telecommunication Development in Rural Ghana


Every nation wants to achieve Universal Access of telecommunication services due to its importance to the economy and national life. Unfortunately in sub-Saharan Africa, telecommunication services are either scarce or non-existent in rural areas. However, previous telecommunication policies have enabled the provision of various network technologies in Africa. What type of policy is needed to … Read more

A Great Success: World Bank has a 70% failure rate with ICT4D projects to increase universal access

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We all know that developing countries have seen rapid growth in information and communication technology (ICT) access and use – from basic Internet access to the explosive growth of mobile phone ownership – and this growth is uneven. While the hype points to mobile phone saturation, high-speed Internet access and broadband connectivity is still limited and poorly used by business and government to create and deliver key services.

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