Are Entrepreneurs Really More Comfortable with Risk?


Most people think entrepreneurs are willing to take on more risk than the average person. I’ve often wondered if that’s really true. After almost three decades of working with large corporations and entrepreneurs, I’ve developed a theory. Now, this theory hasn’t been vetted with controlled experiments and testing. It is based solely on experiential and intuitive data drawn from my life experiences. Read more

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Can Management Consulting Help Small Firms Grow?

Publishers note: This very excellent study is partly based on Small companies in Ghana


Should we assume that small enterprises in developing countries are lacking in business skills—and that guidance and training will improve these businesses? Read more

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An Integrative Model for Knowledge Sharing in Communities-of-Practice


Purpose – This study attempts to identify the factors and relationships that influence Community-of-practice (CoP) members’ knowledge-sharing attitudes, intentions, and behaviors.Design/methodology/approach – The Theory of Planned Behavior model, Motivation Theory, and the Triandis model were employed herein. For the empirical validation, 282 responses from four Korean companies were collected.Findings – Whereas both extrinsic motivational and intrinsic motivational factors positively influenced attitude toward knowledge-sharing behaviors, intrinsic motivational factors were more influential in this regard. Read more

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