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The Results Are In: Product Leaders Report a Need for Speed and a Roadmap to Sustainable Innovation

Findings from the Fourth Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Survey Imagine sailing in the World Cup race without a strategic plan or a map. It is a sport where speed is of the essence, decisions (and perhaps more importantly the timing of those decisions) are paramount, and team talents must be optimized at any moment. With […]

If You’re Out to Change the World, How Do You Know When to Move On?


A certain phrase has gained currency in my world lately: the notion that a social enterprise must have an “exit strategy.” Social enterprises, of course, are organizations designed primarily to yield social versus financial value. But here the community is borrowing a term from traditional venture capitalists, who know that a big part of maximizing […]

Chemists work to desalt the ocean for drinking water, 1 nanoliter at a time


Microscale method requires so little energy that it can run on a store-bought battery AUSTIN, Texas – By creating a small electrical field that removes salts from seawater, chemists at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Marburg in Germany have introduced a new method for the desalination of seawater that consumes […]

Future of water demands innovation and conservation


With water stresses already at high levels in many parts of the world and not expected to ease in 2013, a number of innovators are trying new technologies to produce, purify and conserve this critical resource. New solutions will be needed across the globe. The central US, for example, which experienced withering drought through 2012, […]