The People

Francis Stevens George, Owner & Publisher

Francis Stevens George was born in Sierra Leone. He has an Economics and Internationals Relations degree from the LSE. In 1991, Francis moved to Oslo, Norway. In 1992 he completed his MBA from the Norwegian School of Management. In 2005, Mr, George, completed a Masters in Innovation and E-enterprise Management.

Between 1994-1999, Francis was a Senior Market Analyst at Norsk Hydro, the largest Norwegian company. He left in 1999 to join the train.

Since that time, he has consulted for the AMSCO (part of the World Bank Group), and NORAD. In 2002, Mr. George was part of the UN ICT Task Force. Between 2001-2003 Mr. George ran workshops and courses in e-business and Innovation to a cross section of Industry(Banking, Hospitality and Medical) in West Africa.

Mr. George has worked with several of the top Norwegian technology companies both as Manager and as a consultant. These include Fronter (e-learning), TraceTracker (food traceability) and Moota (Mobile value adding network management). He has successfully taken these technologies out of Norway to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Mr. George has a passion for Innovation, ICT and its impact on development. To this extent he has written several papers and run several workshops and websites on topics related to ICT and Development.


Editor at Large: Dr. Eric Mazango.

Eric has a unique combination of skills in advanced research and market analysis, business management, and technology application. Proven ability to spot and analyze trends across product/services spectrum with ability to synthesize ICT industry knowledge for business
development and systematic penetration.


Thor-Erik Gulliksen was born in Norway. He has an International marketing and entrepreneurship degree from the Norwegian School of Management, Catholic Institute of Business Administration (ICADE – Madrid, Spain) and ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain).

Mr. Gulliksen have more than 20 years experience, including management, marketing, educational and training. He is also an author for two books about mentoring and are now working with his third book about entrepreneurship in Europe.

Since 1994, Mr. Gulliksen has ran workshops and courses in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and custom care. He has been a consultant in different companies and branches and helping over 150 companies within Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise.

Since 1999, he has worked with mentoring for people between students and businesspeople. Over 500 people have attended one of Mr. Gulliksen mentoring programs.